Monday, 12 October 2009

San Pedro

On thusrday 10 of september we went to San Pedro. We met in the school at 7 o clock in the morning.When we were travelling, our guide, Natalí, give us information about the places we were going to visit. The first place was "La Campiña" of Mónica & César. There, the guide was called: Edith. Then, we went to a park which there we did a questionnaire to the people wo was there. We went to an other park near the Paraná river for lunch. After that, we visited the paleontologhic museum. When we finished, we come back. In my opinion, this day was an unusual funny day. I enjoy it.


  1. It's very strange see your eyes very near...
    Anyway I like very much the photos, and I enjoy the trip too,

    See you tomorrow,

  2. Tatiana,
    Your blog looks great! I see you have, not only added San Pedro's photos, but also changed your profile's picture. The motivational quotes and the header are excellent, too.


  3. Thank you Marchu and Miss Marina!