Wednesday, 23 September 2009

On Tuesday we chated with some students from La Plata.

I chat with Sofía & Facundo

Sofía, like the same type of music as me. She is 16 years old. And she was afraid to speak with the microphone like me, but then, we can do it perfectly.
Facundo is 16 too. He likes football, but he plays rugby. His favourite colour is green, like mine. And on Tuesday he have some problems with his messenger, so we chat on gmail.

This chat-friends were very funny, and I really enjoy chating with them!


  1. Excellent, Tatiana. I'm glad you could talk, why not?
    So, Facundo is the one who had problems with his password. We fortunately solved it quickly, didn't we?
    I'm really happy you enjoyed the chat session.


  2. Mmmm... so Facundo and You agree with some likes....
    May be something happens there.....



  3. You're so funny dear Noe...
    I will kill you, because you know that I'm in love !

    To much information...
    See you :)

  4. If you kill me you won´t have someone to listen your problems.
    And that will be another problem.

    (You can reply MY comments on MY blog)
    See you on Monday...

    Noe =)

  5. Hahaha your comments, girls! :)
    Tati is in love (L)!
    I love you both, my friends!
    And stop talking about your private lives, Tati, remember that people all over the world can see it :S Hahah...
    Tomorrow: FOOD! Noe: don't forget it
    Miss: neither you!


  6. Hello, Tatiana. thank you for chatting with Facundo via google. He had problems with his hotmail account :( and was disappointed because all his classmates were chatting.